How Video Marketing Slashed New Loyalty Member Acquisition Costs from $40 to $2.19 for a Grand Opening Triumph

Welcome to this case study where we take you behind the scenes to reveal how EVOLV Creative helped Tom’s Watch Bar launch a wildly successful Grand Opening in D.C. Navy Yard. 

This comprehensive report will detail how our holistic approach—encompassing paid advertising, content creation, strategic planning, and more—brought the client’s vision to life and turned it into a slam dunk.

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Executive Summary

Client Profile:

  • Brand: Founded in 2014, Tom’s Watch Bar is a premium sports viewing experience with multiple locations.
  • Unique Selling Points: Curated sports programming, immersive 360-degree viewing, expansive drink menu, and elevated sports bar fare.

The Challenge & Our Role:

  • Scenario: Tom’s Watch Bar was expanding rapidly, planning multiple grand openings including a pivotal one in D.C. Navy Yard.
  • Team Overload: Amidst this expansion, their internal team was overwhelmed, feeling spread thin across tasks and in need of a proactive marketing partner.
  • Marketing Gaps: They needed to generate buzz, collect valuable email leads cost-effectively, and increase in-store revenue.
  • Our Solution: Recognizing these challenges, Tom’s Watch Bar reached out to us for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We provided high-impact advertising, targeted email campaigns, and a seamless project management system. Our specialized skills allowed their team to focus on core operations, making the grand opening a resounding success.


EVOLV Creative rolled up its sleeves to tackle these challenges head-on. Here’s how:

Customized Strategy & Roadmap

We crafted a personalized marketing strategy & roadmap to establish a clear timeline of work & deliverables.

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Determined High-Converting Offers

Utilized data-driven methods to identify an enticing $1 drink offer, allowing Tom’s Watch Bar to generate email leads of local sports fans cost-effectively.

Video Production Services

We produced engaging video content tailored for Meta & Google Ads, significantly enhancing brand visibility and drawing crowds.

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Customized Dashboard

Provided a collaborative dashboard to streamline the approval process for content and creative elements, eliminating the need for cumbersome email threads and speeding up revisions.

Paid Ads Management

Ran targeted campaigns on Meta and Google, which garnered high engagement and lowered cost per lead from an initial $42 to an astonishing $2.19.

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Built High-Converting Landing Pages

Implemented conversion-optimized landing pages that drove a higher volume of quality leads, leading to a surge in email subscriptions. Our team launched split tests to increase landing page conversion rates from 25% to 29%

Segmented Email Lists Based on Interests

Integrated a lead-generation form that queried respondents on their favorite sports, using their answers to segment them into specific lists for targeted, sports-specific promotions.

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Crafted Email Marketing Campaigns

Developed and deployed a series of emails to excite leads about the Grand Opening, resulting in higher engagement and foot traffic.

Social Media Management

Curated and managed content on Tom’s Watch Bar’s social media channels to augment organic reach and build a loyal, local following.

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The Results

The grand opening was not just successful; it was a triumph. From packed seats to skyrocketing sign-ups for the $1 drink offer, Tom’s Watch Bar in D.C. Navy Yard had a debut that will be talked about for seasons to come.

  • Lead Cost: Reduced from $42 to $2.19 in just a few weeks, generating 697 local Loyalty Members in just 14 days, leading to an epic grand opening.
  • Segmented Email Lists: Grew exponentially, providing a valuable asset for future campaigns and sport-specific events.
  • Engagement: High levels of customer engagement both online and on-site.

EVOLV Creative is proud to have been a driving force behind the grand opening’s resounding success. Our comprehensive services provided Tom’s Watch Bar with the marketing arsenal they needed to score big on their grand opening day.

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