Illuminating School Excellence: Video Branding Case Study

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The Challenge:

Peninsula School District (PSD) envisioned a series of videos, each spotlighting the unique attributes and benefits of one of the 17 schools within the district. The challenge lay in maintaining a uniform, modern, and clean aesthetic across all videos to ensure brand consistency while presenting each school’s distinct personality and strengths.

Project Scope & Execution:

To answer this call, our team orchestrated the creation of 17 individualized videos. Each piece delved into the diverse aspects of a school, incorporating interviews with key staff and students to render a multifaceted view of the institutions. Balancing informativeness with engagement, we amalgamated drone footage, cinematic shots, and B-roll to enrich the visual narrative.

The meticulous planning involved collaborating with multiple district members to schedule and conduct several interviews efficiently, without compromising the video quality. Beyond the individual school videos, we crafted an essential marketing piece instrumental in securing approval for their levy propositions focused on safety, security, technology, and educational program replacement.

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The Outcome:

The unified yet distinctive suite of videos became a pivotal resource for parents, offering insights and fostering informed decisions regarding their children’s academic journey. Moreover, the comprehensive video dedicated to the levy propositions played a crucial role in elucidating the objectives and benefits, contributing to their successful approval.

School Levy
Campaign Video

The endeavor with the Peninsula School District underscored the transformative potential of well-crafted visual storytelling. By intertwining consistency with uniqueness, we managed to convey the multifarious strengths of the district’s schools, facilitating parents’ choices, and supporting district-wide initiatives.


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